Horn Drinking Cup

These affordable drinking horn cups are ready to use for beer, ale, mead, or whatever you choose.


The inside of the drinking horn cups are already sealed with a food safe lacquer. Unlike the traditional bees wax, it won't melt or pool in the bottom if you happen to use/store in warmer conditions.


These drinking horn cups measure approximately 5 inches high and will hold about 10 oz.


Colors of the drinking horns will vary due to the fctg that they are of natural material.



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Horn Drinking Cup

  • Handwash your drinking horn cup with soap and water, let air dry. Your drinking horn cup is NOT dishwasher  safe.

    Buff with a cotton cloth to help keep its shine. Hot liquids are not recommended in the drinking horn as it may warp.

    DO NOT drink high proof alcohol from your horn as it will dissolve the lacquer.

    One you are finished drinking from your horn, if the contents haven't already been emptied, dispose of your unfinished drink (giving it to a friend could help).

    Your horn is quite sturdy so it should last for a long time. This doesn't mean it is indestructible and can break with misuse.